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Welkin Course Code: NO16

Course Features

Microsoft Outlook is a popular e-mail, schedule, contact management program in the office. This course covers popular and useful functions of the software. You will learn how to use Outlook as an email client to manage email communications, calendar events, contact information, and other communication tasks. Course content covers and is not limited to the following:

  • Emailing with Outlook
  • Organizing mail
  • Creating tasks
  • Working with calendar
  • Delegate access
  • Qualified and experienced instructors
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step hands-on instruction
  • Weeknight and weekend classes available

Learn from the Experts

Get Your Skills Certified

Certify your Outlook skills with the Microsoft Office Specialist certification. The certification is not a requirement for course completion but we highly recommend you to get your skills professionally recognized.
Remark: The course fee does not include the certification exams.

Further Study

After completing this course you may further develop your knowledge and skills in Microsoft Office with the CEF reimbursable course Effective Use of Microsoft Office in Business.

Course Fee


Course Duration

6 Hours

Course Prerequisites

Course participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of computer operation.

Title of Award

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Schedule & Online Enrolment

Sign up for your course by clicking the Enrol button and proceed to Checkout to finish course registration.

Microsoft Outlook 2016
Course No. 課程編號Info. 語言/系統/地點Start 開課日End 完課日Day(s) 上課日Time 上課時段Duration 課程長度Enrol 報名
NO16-21102KCantonese / PC / MongKok12/1012/10TUE0930-1230;1400-17006 hours / 2 sessions20211012


NO16-21121KCantonese / PC / MongKok13/1213/12MON0930-1230;1400-17006 hours / 2 sessions20211213


Microsoft Outlook is a popular emailing program and personal information manager in the office. It is available as a component of the Microsoft Office suite. This course enables you to use Microsoft Outlook effectively and is suitable for beginners as well as daily users who would like to know the capabilities of Outlook more.

  1. Sending messages
    • Creating and sending your first email
    • Checking that your email was sent
    • Sending emails to more than one person at a time
    • Receiving emails
    • Sending a copy of a message to another address
    • What is a blind carbon copy?
    • Sending a copy of a message to another address using blind carbon copy
    • Setting the message subject
    • Spell checking your message
    • Attaching a file to a message
    • Deleting an attached file from an outgoing message
    • Issues when sending file attachments
    • Setting message sensitivity
    • Saving a draft copy of an e-mail
  2. Receiving, reading and replying messages
    • The Inbox folder
    • Opening the Inbox folder
    • The Inbox screen
    • Selecting a message
    • Message status icons
    • Reading a message
    • Switching between open message windows
    • Forwarding a message
    • Opening or saving an attached file
    • Replying to the sender of a message
    • Replying to the sender and all recipients of a message
    • Setting message reply options so that the original message is inserted, or not inserted
    • Printing a message
    • Previewing a message before printing
    • Printing Options
  3. Organizing mail
    • Searching for a message
    • Searching for a message by sender, subject or content
    • Creating a new mail folder
    • Moving a message to a different folder
    • Deleting a mail folder
    • Sorting the contents of the inbox
    • Deleting a message
    • Opening the ‘Deleted Items’ folder
    • Restoging a message from the ‘Deleted Items’ folder
    • Emptying the ‘Deleted Items’ folder
    • Automatically emptying the ‘Deleted Items’ folder when you exit Outlook
    • Flagging a message
    • Removing a flag mark from a mail message
    • Marking a message as unread
    • Marking a message as read
  4. Customizing Outlook
    • Displaying or hiding the ribbon
    • Adding and Inbox heading
    • Removing an Inbox heading
    • Resetting the Inbox headings
  1. Contacts
    • Create a contact
    • Create a contact based on an exiting contact
    • Create a contact based upon the sender of an e-mail message that you receive
    • Create a contact from an Electronic Business Card
    • Create and edit a Contact Group
    • Create a Contact Group
  2. Tasks
    • Create a task
    • Create a tack from an Outlook item
    • Create a task in the To-Do Bar
    • Create a task in the Daily Task List in Calendar
    • Create and track assigned tasks
    • Assign a task to someone else to track
    • Reclaim a declined task assignment
    • Track tasks that you have assigned
    • Accept or decline a task assignment
    • Send a status report or a comment about a task assignment
  3. Calendars
    • Schedule an appointment
    • Change an appointment
    • Make an existing appointment recurring
    • Schedule a meeting with other people
    • Change an appointment, event, or meeting
    • Respond to an e-mail message with a meeting request
    • Propose, accept, or decline a new meeting time
    • Cancel a meeting
    • View calendars side-by-side or overlaid
    • Introduction to calendar sharing
    • Manage another person’s mail and calendar items
  4. Personal Folders
    • Introduction to Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost)
    • Create an Outlook Data File (.pst)
    • Open an Outlook Data File (.pst)
    • Close an Outlook Data File(.pst)
  5. Delegation
    • About Delegate Access
    • Turn on Delegate Access
    • Change permissions for your delegate
    • Change delegate access to private items
  1. Proceed with on-line registration or send the completed enrolment form (download) to us together with a cheque (made payable to Welkin Compuer Training) for the program fee.
  2. CEF applicants have to complete the CEF Application Form (download) and send it to us for certification. They will then send the form to the Office of the Continuing Education Fund, Room 916, 9/F, Kwai Hing Government Offices, 166-174 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, together with a photocopy of their HKID Card before course commencement.

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