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CIC Accredited BIM Manager Course: A210003-01

Course Code : BIM3
(This course is provided by “Form.Welkin”)

Course Features

Hong Kong Construction Industry Council launch CIC-Certified BIM Manager Program, a compulsory requirement is complete an CIC Accredited BIM Manager Course. This is the course provided by Form.Welkin, for those who complete the course and pass in the exam will satisfied the education requirement from this program.The course design in 2 parts: 1 you will learn from theory and practical case to define why you need this BIM knowledge, 2 you will get solid application skills to let you complete and fulfill required working standard. As a result, you complete understand every BIM requirement in “Why” and “How”The course content covered CIC BIM Manager Course Competencies

  1. BIM Initiation
  2. BIM software and Technology Trend
  3. BIM Processes
  4. Digital Information Management, Collaboration and Integration
  5. Commercial and Contractual Aspects

And computer skills to proceed above requirement

  • Navisworks Manage
  • Revit as a viewer
  • Revit in Model Review
  • Revit in Collaboration
  • Revit Classification Manager
  • Revit for GBP Submission
  • BIM 360: Document Management
  • BIM 360: Design Collaboration

The course content complies with current BIM standard in Hong Kong such as CIC BIM Standard, PAS 1192:2 and ISO 19650 requirement. For those who are applying CIC Certified BIM Manager, and those have BIM project experience that want to know more are welcome to join this course.

There is an Exam for each candidate, those pass the exam will get the certificate.

After course you can…

Understanding to lead BIM work team as a BIM Manager, equip BIM project management skills required by the construction industry, especially selecting and using appropriate tools to execute BIM project.

What is CIC Certified BIM Manager?

In 2017, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region issued an order that the government must use BIM technology in the design and construction for all major capital engineering projects with a budget more than HK$30 million since 2018 and encourage private engineering projects to follow it. Since 2020, the BIM Team have been required certified CIC Certified BIM Manager and CIC Certified BIM Coordinator for executing engineering projects (see page 14 of the document), which will increase the demand for BIM personnel and training.

In order to ensure that professionals in the construction industry have the appropriate skills and abilities to apply BIM technology, and that the content and quality of BIM courses meet market needs, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has launched a BIM recognition and certification program to evaluate abilities of BIM personnel and ensure the quality of local training courses.

Applying to become a CIC-certified BIM manager, you needs to meet a series of qualifications, including completing a CIC-certified BIM manager course, applying to the Construction Industry Council, and passing the meeting assessment before becoming a formal CIC-certified BIM manager. For details, please refer to this booklet and visit the CIC website to know more.

Get Professional Recognition

Students are encouraged to take the certification to learn and establish a professional position in study and employment. This course has been included in the “Learn & Certified” program, students will promote to take a Revit Certified User Exam within one year, free of charge! The plan allows you to have enough time and resources to learn, to combat, to test and to prove your professional qualifications! You can learn what you have learned and got the professional qualifications of Revit Certified User to add to your learning outcomes!

Course Fee


Course Duration

48 Hours

The course includes assignment, attendance rate with 80% and those who pass the exam will be awarded a certificate.

Intention to enroll & Prerequisite Check

Due to the large number of applicants and the need to integrate the needs of many student, please fill in this application intention first, and our course director will contact you to provide the most appropriate advice.

Course Fee Financial Assistance

This course is already on the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) pre-approved list (Professional Certificate in BIM Management – PBT21-016). Qualified construction industry organization can apply this course and receive a tuition subsidy of up to $3,000 per person for their members.

This course is a registered public course under the Re-industrialization and Technology Training Program (RTTP), which accepts applications from the public. Qualified companies can apply for members. Under this plan, your institution can apply for this course as low as $4,555 per person. For details and co-organization, please contact Form.Welkin.


Diploma or above in Building studies, a minimum 2 years working experience in construction industry and min 6 months working experience in BIM related projects. Technical knowledge such as Revit and Navisworks will be an advantage. Admission priority should be given to project managers or professionals, who possess a degree in architecture, engineering, surveying, building or construction or are working on construction projects.

Schedule & Online Enrolment

Instructor Profile

The course instructors are all active CIC Certified BIM Managers with many years of engineering, BIM management and teaching experiences.

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Course Code : BIM3

Professional Certificate in BIM Management
Course No. 課程編號Info. 語言/系統/地點Start 開課日End 完課日Day(s) 上課日Time 上課時段Duration 課程長度Enrol 報名
BIM3-15C17KCantonese / PC / MongKok13/0908/11MON,FRI1900-220048 hours/ 16 sessions20210913


BIM3-6D16KCantonese / PC / MongKok16/1018/01SAT,TUE1000-1300;1400-1700;1900-220048 hours/ 16 sessions20211016


BIM3-5D22KCantonese / PC / MongKok22/1010/12FRI0930-1230;1400-170048 hours/ 16 sessions20211022


  • Suitable for engineers, executives, and decision-makers
  • Understand the objectives and effective cooperation of BIM
  • Improve the company’s BIM team productivity
  • View BIM results and control quality with Navisworks, Design Review and A360
  • Refer to Hong Kong’s major BIM Standards such as HKIBIM and the Construction Industry Council

Course Outline

The course consists of 4 units and 1 exam. Details as follows:

BIM Project implementation Practice

Course code: BIMP
Duration : 6 hours in 2 sessions
1 Quiz included

OutlineTechnical Skills StudyWorkshops

BIM definitions and terminology

  • The difference between 2D CAD, 3D CAD and BIM
  • Concept of BIM as whole project & whole estate perspective
  • Value and benefits of adopting BIM
  • Value of BIM for AM & FM
  • Collaborative working in BIM
  • Limitation of BIM
  • Challenges within existing working practices & how BIM addresses these
  • How BIM affect the current practice in ACEO industry
  • Local BIM standards & resources
  • Global context in BIM development
  • Global BIM standards & resources

Revit as a BIM tour

  • Revit as a BIM Database
  • Structure of a BIM Project
  • Extract BIM Data from Revit

Design Review

  • DWF as a kind of 2D BIM data
  • Review and Markup in Design Review
  • Switchback markup to Revit with DWF
  • Compare DWF

P1: Revit as a BIM tour & Design Review

Overview of industry leading BIM software / applications

  • Characteristic, strength, and limitation of industry leading BIM software
  • Versions and file formats
  • Interoperability across industry leading BIM software
  • Technology Trend


  • Get data source from different BIM data.
  • Navigate and Review BIM Model in Navisworks
  • Store your view, comments and finding in Navisworks.
  • Reading and digesting Open BIM data such as IFC in Navisworks

BIM 360 as a user

  • Participate as a member in BIM 360
  • Upload and share document in BIM 360
  • Read and Review BIM data on cloud services
  • Issue and Review RFI
P2: Navisworks & BIM 360 as a user

BIM Fundamental with DIM & CDE

Course code: BIMF
Duration : 6 hours in 2 sessions
1 Assignment combined all workshop outcome included
OutlineTechnical Skills StudyWorkshops

Value of data & how it should be managed.

  • Interoperate data/information to facilitate cross-disciplinary and cross-BIM platform collaboration.
  • Limitation of BIM software in relation to information management
  • Determine Level of Information Need in the context of graphics and information in different stages.
  • Determine level of integration of digital information into asset & facility management.
  • Oversee the process and quality of information exchange


Documentation Only

F1: Setup a LOD Matrix for a construction stage BIM data deliverable standard

Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Overview of CDE
  • Overview of various CDE platform
  • Setup of CDE
  • Assessment of CDE
  • Management of CDE
  • Limitation of CDE
BIM 360 Doc
  • Account Admin
  • Create Project & Activate services
  • Role Assignment
  • Manage Projects
  • Manage Account Members
F2: Create a typical CDE in BIM 360 with appropriate role and right settings

BIM Workflow & Execution for BIM Manager

Course code: BIMG
Duration : 21 hours in 7 sessions
1 Assignment combined all workshops outcome included
OutlineTechnical Skills StudyWorkshops
Client BIM Strategic Stage
  • BIM strategy, BIM uses, BIM processes.
  • Key personnel in relation to BIM
  • Determine the info management & CDE strategy.
  • Determine the BIM/AIM/GIS strategy
  • Determine level of development in the context of graphics and information.
  • Determine level of integration of digital information into asset & facility management
DocumentationG1: Draft an Draft an OIR for Mass transit railway company.

Client Pre-tender Project Stage

  • Determine & oversee the development of Client
  • Information Model (CIM)
  • Organizational Information Requirements (OIRs)
  • Asset Information Requirements (AIRs)
  • Employers Information Requirements (EIRs)
  • Determine project technology & systems requirement & integration.
  • Determine project delivery requirements
  • Determine the soft landings approach.
  • Contract & consultancy requirement
  • Assessment on supply chain capability & capacity (Tender Assessment)
DocumentationG2: Draft/outline an EIR for a residential project

Definition & Design Stage 1

  • BIM Execution Plan developed by supply chain.
  • Pre-contract BIM Execution Plan
  • Post-contract BIM Execution Plan
  • Supervision in fulfilling BIM uses in planning & design stages listed in CIC BIM Standards
  • Project Information Model (PIM) data exchanges and validation
DocumentationG3: Draft/outline a BEP for a design stage project.
Definition & Design Stage 2
  • BIM PIM file setup
  • BIM origin point & orientation setup.
  • Model division
  • Modelling methodology
  • Project-based industry and BIM standards
  • Direct BIM related meetings
  • Meeting with high level
  • Meeting with supply chain level
  • Internal meeting
  • Multidiscipline collaboration meeting
  • Template Creation
  • Shared Parameter
G4: Config a Revit template comply with Coordination Needs
Construction Stage
  • BIM Execution Plan developed by supply chain.
  • Pre-contract BIM Execution Plan
  • Post-contract BIM Execution Plan
  • Supervision in fulfilling BIM uses in construction & handover stage listed in CIC BIM Standards
  • Project Information Model (PIM) data exchanges and validation
  • Direct BIM related meetings
Revit IFC exporterG5: PIM data exchange using IFC format
Handover Stage
  • As-built information verification
  • Oversee data transfer from PIM to Asset Information Model (AIM)
  • Supervision in fulfilling BIM uses in handover stage listed in CIC BIM Standards
  • Operation & Maintenance Stage
  • Update Assets Information Model (AIM)
  • Roles, responsibilities, and authorities for maintaining the AIM
  • Post occupancy evaluation
Revit Cobie ExtensionG6: Transfer Revit Model data to Cobie Spreadsheet
Round up Workshop and RevisionRole play, agenda and meeting minutes preparationG7: Conduct a BIM meetings and prepare related document

Quality & Contractual Control in BIM Projects

Course code: BIMQ
Duration : 12 hours in 4 sessions
1 Assignment combined all workshops outcome included

OutlineTechnical Skills StudyWorkshops
Multi-disciplinary Coordination
  • 3D Coordination
  • 4D Modeling
  • Design Review
Navisworks Manage
  • Timelier
  • Creating Tasks
  • Gantt View
  • Import Task from External Project file
  • 4D simulation
  • Clash detective
  • Setting Clash Rules
  • Clash test reports
  • Audit Checks
  • Laser Scan Data clashing
  • Resolving Clashes
  • Time-Base Clashing
Q1: Understand a typical Clash report
Data Quality Control & Assurance
  • System checking
  • Model audit
  • Model checking
  • Audit reporting
Revit Model Review & Model Checker
  • Validates the accuracy.
  • Manage Model review setting.
  • Save and reuse standard checks.
  • Export reports
  • Work with Check results
Q2: Revit model checker configuration setup
Commercial Issue
Establishing BIM ready Environment to support the corporate
  • BIM strategy in organization level
  • Challenges in BIM implementation
  • Phases in BIM implementation
  • Hardware requirement for BIM
  • Software requirement for BIM
  • Manpower management for BIM
  • Promotion of adopting BIM in office.
  • Value and benefit of adopting BIM
  • Value and benefit of data and information from BIM
  • Evaluating Return on Investments (ROI) of adopting BIM
DocumentationQ3: Prepare a training outline for non-BIM staff
Contract Issue
  • Ownership of data
  • Intellectual property right
  • Legal implication and potential liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Introducing NEC
  • Commercial implications for contracts & insurances in relation to BIM

Exam: Professional Certificate in BIM Management

Course code: BIMX
Duration : 3 hours in 1 session

OutlineTechnical Skills StudyWorkshops
Computer Base Exam
  • 30 Multiple Choice questions (60marks)
  • 4 Short Essay questions (20marks)
  • 2 hands on practice base questions (20 marks)
100 marks in total. 60 marks for pass

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