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Training Subscription

Welkin’s training subscription program is the most cost-effective purchase option for corporations to achieve training goals.

An annual subscription program provides maximum flexibility to select and consume training for groups or multiple delegates. Program content can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual corporations.

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How a training subscription works?

Why subscribe?

  • A wide range of training courses and certification options to help upgrade employee skill sets

  • Simplifying workflows in the work of training management

  • A cost-effective solution for corporate training and IT certification

Benefits of Training Subscription

  • Best price: We treat an anual subscription as a bulk order, so you will enjoy the best possible price.

  • Quality and reliable services: Welkin has been in business for over 25 years with a wide spectrum of clientele. We provide a wide variety of training courses and are able to manage large scale training events in and outside Hong Kong.

  • Easy workflows: You can place your training orders with us as long as there are unconsumed training units in your subscription, saving tedious and repeated quotation workflows. Our account manager will take care of your account to provide training advice and documentary support.

  • No more tedious quotation procedure: Training subscription streamlines all training management workflows from quotation to fulfillment.

  • Risk Free: You may pay your training subscription by monthly instalments. We treasure customer relationships and believe that only quality and reliable services will ensure long term business success.

  • Certification Option: If there are unused vouchers or training units at the end of your subscription, we suggest that you make the best use of them by turning them into tokens for IT certification. Certification enables management to better evaluate talents and skills, as well as allowing employees to gain confidence in their skills and increase productivity.

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