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MOC On-Demand

Microsoft Official Courses in a self-paced, e-learning format

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Build Microsoft technology skills on your own schedule, at your own pace and in your own place

Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand are complete courses in a self-paced online format, hosted by Microsoft and streamed directly to you. The courses combine videos, reading, hands-on labs, and knowledge checks to help you build your Microsoft technology skills — on your own schedule, at your own pace and in your own place.

Microsoft On-Demand courses are structured similarly to instructor-led MOC for the classroom, with similar pacing and objectives covered within a course. With Microsoft-authored, high-quality, accurate content, successfully completing a MOC On-Demand gives you solid credentials as you grow your IT skills and your career.

MOC On-Demand is an ideal solution for busy, time-constrained professionals. You can work on your course at any time throughout the 90-day period after you purchase and activate the course.

CodeCourse NameFee
OD10969 Active Directory® Services with Windows Server®$2,800
OD20764 Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure$2,800
OD20345-1 Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016$2,800
OD20462 Administering Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Databases$2,800
OD20696 Administering System Center Configuration Manager and Intune$2,800
OD10972 Administering the Web Server (IIS) Role of Windows Server$2,800
OD20411 Administering Windows Server® 2012$2,800
OD10962 Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell®$2,800
OD20342 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013$2,800
OD20332 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013$2,800
OD20339-2 Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016$2,800
OD20779 Analyzing Data with Excel$2,800
OD10989 Analyzing Data with Power BI$2,800
OD20778 Analyzing Data with Power BI$2,800
OD10990 Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services$2,800
OD10961 Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell®$2,800
OD13961 Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell®$2,800
OD10964 Cloud & Datacenter Monitoring with System Center Operations Manager$2,800
OD99994 Cloud Computing Fundamentals$2,800
OD20412 Configuring Advanced Windows Server® 2012 Services$2,800
OD20341 Core Solutions of Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013$2,800
OD20331 Core Solutions of Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013$2,800
OD20334 Core Solutions of Skype for Business 2015$2,800
OD10994 Data Analysis Fundamentals using Excel$2,800
OD99996 Demo Course: Supporting and TroubleShooting Windows 10 – Module 8$0
OD20695 Deploying Windows Desktops and Enterprise Applications$2,800
OD20345-2 Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016$2,800
OD20413 Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure$2,800
OD20532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions$2,800
OD20488 Developing Microsoft SharePoint® Server 2013 Core Solutions$2,800
OD20768 Developing SQL Data Models$2,800
OD20762 Developing SQL Databases$2,800
OD20347 Enabling and Managing Office 365$2,800
OD99995 First Look Clinic : Microsoft Azure$2,800
OD10967 Fundamentals of a Windows Server® Infrastructure$2,800
OD20742 Identity with Windows Server 2016$2,800
OD20463 Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014$2,800
OD20767 Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse$2,800
OD20697-1 Implementing and Managing Windows 10$2,800
OD20533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions$2,800
OD20740 Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016$2,800
OD20698 Installing and Configuring Windows 10$2,800
OD23410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server® 2012$2,800
OD20410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server® 2012$2,800
OD10992 Integrating On-Premises Core Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure$2,800
OD10993 Integrating On-Premises Identity Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure$2,800
OD10985 Introduction to SQL Databases$2,800
OD10965 IT Service Management with System Center Service Manager$2,800
OD10988 Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations$2,800
OD40390 Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts$2,800
OD10979 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals$2,800
OD20741 Networking with Windows Server 2016$2,800
OD10987 Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases$2,800
OD20339-1 Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016$2,800
OD10748 Planning and Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager$2,800
OD20398 Planning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise: Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and On-Premises Tools$2,800
OD20483 Programming in C#$2,800
OD20480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3$2,800
OD20765 Provisioning SQL Databases$2,800
OD20761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL$2,800
OD20461 Querying Microsoft SQL Server® 2014$2,800
OD20744 Securing Windows Server 2016$2,800
OD10982 Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows 10$2,800
OD10986 Updating Your Skills to SQL Server 2016$2,800
OD20417 Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server® 2012$2,800
OD20743 Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA : Windows Server 2016$2,800
OD40389 Windows Server® 2016 First Look Clinic$2,800
OD41389 Windows Server® 2016 First Look Clinic$2,800

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