How to Enrol and Pay Online

You may also make a course reservation using email, phone or our web form.

If you are unable to use the online enrolment functions, please use “Pay Directly Online” or call our service hotline at 3605-3322 to reserve a seat for your course.

1.Choose the course you want.  You may use the menus or any links to go to the course page.

2.On the course page under Schedule & Enrol, select the course with your preferred schedule and click on Enrol.
***If you make a mistake, just select the right course again and delete the one you don’t want later in the process.***

3.The Enrol button will change to “Added to Cart“. If you want to enrol in more than one course, you may now go to other course pages and repeat the procedure. The courses you have added will stay in the shopping cart.

4.Click on Complete Enrolment, or, Enrol Online → Complete Enrol on the menu bar.

5.On the View Enrolment page, you will see your course(s) in the shopping cart. If you want to remove a course you have added, you can now do it. Else, input your personal information and check the Continuous Education Fund (CEF) box if you want to apply for it.
When you finish, click the PayNow button on the bottom-right.
***If the shopping cart is empty, there will be the message “You have not enrolled in any classes yet!”  You will then need to repeat the above enrolment steps.***

6.On the Paypal payment page is your order summary. If you have a Paypal Account, choose Pay with My Paypal Account. Otherwise, you may choose Pay with My Credit Card, fill in the required information and follow the steps (security steps may vary with different credit cards) to complete your payment.