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With Visio you can create high quality business and technical diagrams that assist you presenting information, communicating ideas and transforming business processes. In terms of diagramming capabilities, Visio is more powerful than other Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint and Word. In this hands-on, instructor-led course, you will learn how to use Visio tools to create different types of business drawings such as organization charts, flow charts, floor plans, network diagrams, and more.
Course topics include:

  • Microsoft Visio 2010 Basics
  • Working with Drawings
  • Choosing a Drawing Type
  • Formatting a Drawing
  • Sharing Drawings

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Course Duration

12 hours

Course Prerequisites

Course participants are expected to have basic computer skills.

Title of Award

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement for the course.

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Microsoft Visio 2013
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Microsoft Visio is an effective tool for office professionals to create dynamic, visual diagrams for flow charts, organization charts, building plans, infographics and more. This course will teach participants the essential features of Visio and use it to create a large variety of business drawings.

  1. Using Microsoft Visio 2013
    • Exploring the Backstage View
    • Using the Visio Ribbon
    • Resizing the Ribbon
    • Minimizing the Ribbon
    • Dynamic Ribbon Elements
    • Understanding Contextual Tabs
    • Understanding Add-in Tabs
    • Understanding Shapes, Masters, Stencils, and Templates
    • Exploring the Drawing Window
    • Managing the Shapes Window
    • Panning and Zooming in Visio
    • Resizing and Repositioning Shapes
  2. Working with Drawings
    • Using Basic Shapes and the Dynamic Grid
    • Selecting Shapes
    • Copying and Pasting Shapes
    • Connecting Shapes with Lines
    • Connecting Shapes with Dynamic Connectors
    • Identifying 1-D Shapes and Types of Glue
    • Positioning Shapes with Rulers and Guides
    • Using AutoConnect and Quick Shapes
    • Using AutoAdd and AutoDelete
    • Starting a New Diagram from a Sample Diagram
  3. Choosing a Drawing Type
    • Working with Templates
    • Working with Block Diagram Templates
    • Working with Building Plan Templates
    • Working with Flowchart Templates
    • Working with Form and Chart Templates
    • Working with Map Templates
    • Working with Network Templates
    • Working with Organization Chart Templates
    • Working with Project Schedule Templates
  1. Formatting a Drawing
    • Adding Text to Shapes
    • Creating and Formatting Text Boxes
    • Orienting Shapes on the Page
    • Orienting Shape Text
    • Positioning Shape Text
    • Adding ScreenTips and Comments
    • Using Shape Data
    • Inserting Fields: The Basics
    • Grouping Shapes
    • Inserting Pictures
    • Understanding Layers
    • Managing Pages and Page Setup
    • Working with Background Pages and Borders
  2. Sharing Drawings
    • Previewing and Printing Visio Diagrams
    • Removing Personal Information
    • Creating Graphics
    • Saving in Other File Formats
    • Creating Visio Templates
    • Sharing Diagrams by Using the Visio Viewer
    • Publishing Visio Diagrams to the Web
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