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Welkin Course Code: SKPG

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Anything can be BIM as long as the construction data store in a model like database. BIM is not a patent for a single software. The boom in Open BIM has made BIM’s world more open, more people and more enterprise involved.

What is Open BIM?
Open BIM is a concept jointly initiated by buildingSMART, GRAPHISOFT, TEKLA, Trimble, Autodesk and DATA DESIGN SYSTEM. The purpose is to solve the problem of data exchange and to make all information collaborative design and construction based on an open standard and process. Implementation and operational management. In addition, Open BIM certification has been developed to provide AEC software vendor improvements, test and certification data connections to facilitate data exchange with other Open BIM software solutions.

After course you can…

Course Fee


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18 Hours

Course Fee Financial Assistance

This course is already on the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) pre-approved list (CITF pre-approved List – BIM Training Course PBT19-076). Qualified construction industry organization can apply this course and receive a tuition subsidy of up to $3,000 per person for their members.


Basic Computer knowledges, Revit practical experience. A participator in construction industry is an advantage.

Title of Award

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Schedule & Online Enrolment

You are welcome to register on this website. Tuition fees for viewing and collection on the system may vary depending on the length of time the course is completed. According to the guidelines of the Student Financial Assistance Agency, we will charge tuition fees monthly. Simply press “Add to Cart” and then to the “Checkout” page to complete the reservation and payment process.

Course Code : SKPG

  • Suitable for engineers, executives, and decision-makers
  • Understand the objectives and effective cooperation of BIM
  • Improve the company’s BIM team productivity
  • View BIM results and control quality with Navisworks, Design Review and A360
  • Refer to Hong Kong’s major BIM Standards such as HKIBIM and the Construction Industry Council

SketchUp model for Data Exchange.

  • Prepare Site/ Environment condition with Sketchup
  • Sketchup as a building design tools
  • Create a Component
  • Making a Dynamic Component
  • Modeling Terrain
  • Classifying Objects
  • Generate an attribute report.
  • Importing & Exporting classifications
  • Model Data Exchange
  • SketchUp to DWG
  • SketchUp to DEM
  • SketchUp to STL
  • SketchUp to IFC
  • Create Schedule for your component
  • Place Schedule to Layout

Transform SketchUp/ Revit models in VR and AR

  • What is VR and AR
  • SketchUp Viewer
  • VR/AR plug-in for Revit and SketchUp : Kubity
  • How SketchUp could make VR/AR real via Kubity just 1-click
  • Share your scene to others by Kubity

Sefairia as a Building preformance Analysis tools

  • What is building performance analysis?
  • An Introduction to Sefaira Daylighting Visualization
  • Introduce What and Why “Sefaira”?
  • Accessing Sefaira and Downloading the Plugins
  • Start Modeling for Building Analysis
  • Getting Started with Sefaira Daylighting Visualization
  • Design Guidance
  • How to Run a Response Curve – setting a range and selecting outputs
  • How to use Collections
  • Saving a Custom Baseline in RTA
  • Shading in the web application
  • Producing Daylighting Graphics and Reports
  • Capturing Shading from Neighboring Buildings and Context Massings
  • download a daylight image
  • How to show Context of your building and surroundings – 2mins
  • Daylighting in the Public Realm
  • Plant Sizing Tab – Heating
  • Plant Sizing Tab – Cooling
  • Average Solar Cooling Load Thresholds – Sefaira and Energy Plus
  • What Calculation(s) is/are taking place?
  • Parametric Software Shading
  • What is Sefaira Systems
  • How to Use Sefaira Systems
  • When to use Sefaira Systems
  • Comparing HVAC Systems
  • Sizing HVAC Systems
  • Exploring Why Peak Loads are Too High
  • Understanding Plant Sizing for Equipment Space Needs
  • How to calculate your Domestic Hot Water load in Sefaira?
  • Outputs – Energy Plus and Loads Output Exports
  • Default HVAC Systems for new projects
  • Uploading Models to the Web Application

Trimble Connect as a collaboration tool

  • Why Trimble Connect
  • 3D Markup
  • Activity Feed
  • Align Models
  • Assign To-Do’s
  • Change Color of Some Objects
  • Change Color of Entire Model
  • Combine and View Selected Models
  • Comment on To-Do’s
  • Control Visibility of Entire Model
  • Control Visibility of Some Objects
  • Create a Project
  • Create and Manage Folders
  • Create and Manage Releases
  • Create Saved Groups of Objects
  • Create To-Do’s
  • Define Custom Reports
  • Exchange To-Do’s using BCF 1.0
  • Export Reports
  • File Explorer
  • Grids
  • List Object Properties
  • Manage Permissions and Notifications
  • Manage Users and Groups
  • Measure Distances
  • Model Object Filtering
  • Run Clash Checking
  • Save Views
  • Store Multiple Images in Comment Chain
  • Temporary Local Offline Storage
  • View/Comment Clashes

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