Project Description


Welkin Course Code : SKPS

SketchUp Authorised Training Centre

Course Features

SketchUp Pro is a great tool from floor plan design to the end of construction management. This course provides a deeper understanding of SketchUp for people with basic SketchUp modeling, how to communicate with different media such as CAD/BIM, and a quick and fast effect on VR/AR presentations.

After completing this course, you can:

  • Create a terrain environment with SketchUp
  • Making Components for the start of BIM
  • Make a schedule by Layout
  • Arrange for the classification of the IFC format (Classification)
  • Output to different CAD/BIM formats
  • Use Kubity for SketchUp as a one-click output for VR/AR and share it with the public

After course you can…

Sefaira as your energy efficiency testing tool. She is an online full-featured application that seamlessly integrates with SketchUp and Revit models.

Course Fee


Course Duration

6 Hours


Basic Computer knowledges, Revit practical experience. A participator in construction industry is an advantage.

Title of Award

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Schedule & Online Enrolment

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Course Code : SKPS

  • Suitable for engineers, executives, and decision-makers
  • Understand the objectives and effective cooperation of BIM
  • Improve the company’s BIM team productivity
  • View BIM results and control quality with Navisworks, Design Review and A360
  • Refer to Hong Kong’s major BIM Standards such as HKIBIM and the Construction Industry Council
  • What is building performance analysis?
  • An Introduction to Sefaira Daylighting Visualization
  • Introduce What and Why “Sefaira”?
  • Accessing Sefaira and Downloading the Plugins
  • Start Modeling for Building Analysis
  • Getting Started with Sefaira Daylighting Visualization
  • Design Guidance
  • How to Run a Response Curve – setting a range and selecting outputs
  • How to use Collections
  • Saving a Custom Baseline in RTA
  • Shading in the web application
  • Producing Daylighting Graphics and Reports
  • Capturing Shading from Neighboring Buildings and Context Massings
  • download a daylight image
  • How to show Context of your building and surroundings – 2mins
  • Daylighting in the Public Realm
  • Plant Sizing Tab – Heating
  • Plant Sizing Tab – Cooling
  • Average Solar Cooling Load Thresholds – Sefaira and Energy Plus
  • What Calculation(s) is/are taking place?
  • Parametric Software Shading
  • What is Sefaira Systems
  • How to Use Sefaira Systems
  • When to use Sefaira Systems
  • Comparing HVAC Systems
  • Sizing HVAC Systems
  • Exploring Why Peak Loads are Too High
  • Understanding Plant Sizing for Equipment Space Needs
  • How to calculate your Domestic Hot Water load in Sefaira?
  • Outputs – Energy Plus and Loads Output Exports
  • Default HVAC Systems for new projects
  • Uploading Models to the Web Application

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