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Welkin Course Code : BIMQ

Autodesk Authorised Training Centre

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A BIM project generates lots of data in its models and related datasets, and you are spending costly resources to maintain its operation. How do you ensure you spend every cent the correct way to meet your BIM objectives? Do you accept a 3D BIM model deliverable just with your eyes? Does your BIM model content comply with specific LOD requirements? How do you setup deliverable standards when you deal with OpenBIM formats like IFC?

Your BIM project needs transparent deliverable standards so that both modelers and managers can rely on the same set of standards/tools to check whether their work is alright.

Main topics in the course include:

  • Set up a coordination model to run
    • Clash analysis reports
    • 4D program simulation
    • QTO analysis reports
  • Define and configure Revit model quality check
  • Define and configure Revit model standard compliance check
  • LOD compliance check
  • Export IFC model with correct data output

You will learn how to use the tools below for the above workflows:

  • Navisworks Manage
  • Revit
  • Revit Model Checker
  • Revit Model Review
  • Revit E-Transmit
  • Classification Manager

This course is useful for BIM managers or project managers who take part in quality control. Course content follows Items 4.3 and 5 in the syllabus of the CIC BIM Manager Course.

After course you can…

Course Fee


Course Duration

12 Hours


Basic computer skills with working experience in Revit. Experience in the construction industry is an advantage.

Title of Award

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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Course Code : BIMQ

  • Clash Detectionc
  • 4D Simulation
  • 5D project budget / supplies simulation
  • Realistic 3D animation
  • Support different BIM / CAD data, and perform various analysis

Things you need to know about BIM

  • Data Quality Control & Assurance
    • System checking
    • Model audit
    • Model checking
    • Audit reporting
  • Establishing BIM ready Environment
    • BIM strategy in organization level
    • Challenges in BIM implementation
    • Phases in BIM implementation
    • Hardware requirement for BIM
    • Software requirement for BIM
    • Manpower management for BIM
  • Promotion of adopting BIM in office
    • Value and benefit of adopting BIM
    • Value and benefit of data and information from BIM
    • Evaluating Return on Investments (ROI) of adopting BIM
  • Contract Issue
    • Ownership of data
    • Intellectual property right
    • Legal implication and potential liability
    • Professional indemnity
    • Introducing NEC
    • Commercial implications for contracts & insurances in relation to BIM

*Comply with CIC BIM Manager Course Competencies

  • 4.3 Data Quality Control
  • 5    Commercial and Contractual

Skills you need to learn for practice

  • Navisworks Manage
    • Timeliner
    • Creating Tasks
    • Gantt View
    • Import Task from External Project file
    • 4D simulation
    • Clash detective
    • Setting Clash Rules
    • Clash test reports
    • Audit Checks
    • Laser Scan Data clashing
    • Resolving Clashes
    • Time-Base Clashing
    • Quantification
    • Item and Resources Management
    • Model and Virtual Takeoff
    • Managing Takeoff Data
    • Analyzing Changes
  • Revit Model Review & Model Checker
    • Validates the accuracy
    • Manage Model review setting
    • Save and resue standard checks
    • Export reports
    • Work with Check results
  • Revit Classification Manager
    • Configure the classification
  • Revit E-Transmit

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