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Welkin Course Code: E3DA

Course Features

AutoCAD is one of the most applied tools in the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry. The course focuses on the 3D aspect of AutoCAD in which you will learn effective skills to create and manipulate 3D models. The course includes lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises, covering features like:

  • Solid and surface modelling
  • [/fusion_text]
  • 3D editing tools and Boolean operations
  • [/fusion_text]
  • Rendering with lighting and material
  • Autodesk Certified Trainer
  • Autodesk Official Certificate
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step learning approach
  • Daytime, evening, weekend and Sunday classes with Cantonese and English tuition options

Learn from the Experts

Get Professional Recognition

Certify your AutoCAD skills with Autodesk AutoCAD Professional certification. The certification is not a requirement for course completion but we highly recommend you to get your skills professionally recognized.

Remark: The course fee does not include the certification exam.

Further Study

After completing this course you may further develop your knowledge and skills with the CEF-approved course Certificate in BIM Design with Autodesk Revit.

Course Fee


Course Duration

18 Hours

Course Prerequisites

Applicants should be computer-literate with a sound working knowledge of the Windows/Mac operating systems. Previous knowledge of AutoCAD is not necessary.

Title of Award

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Schedule & Online Enrolment

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3D Drawing Using Autodesk AutoCAD
Course No. 課程編號Info. 語言/系統/地點Start 開課日End 完課日Day(s) 上課日Time 上課時段Duration 課程長度Enrol 報名
E3DA-20061KCantonese / PC / MongKok29/0630/06MON,TUE0930-1230;1400-170012 hours / 4 sessions20200629


E3DA-20081KCantonese / PC / MongKok10/0811/08MON,TUE0930-1230;1400-170012 hours / 4 sessions20200810


E3DA-20121KCantonese / PC / MongKok15/1216/12TUE,WED0930-1230;1400-170012 hours / 4 sessions20201215


AutoCAD is widely used in construction, architecture, engineering and manufacturing fields to create accurate and industrial standard drawings. This course teaches how to use the different tools of AutoCAD to create and edit solid 3D models, and the skills to present 3D designs. There are hands-on exercises designed to strengthen concepts and build practical skills.

  1. Introduction to 3D Modeling
    • Introduction to 3D
    • Creating Solid Primitives
    • Mesh Primitives
    • Working in 3D
    • Introduction to Free-Form Design
  2. Modeling Workflow
    • Creating Models from 2D Profiles
    • Using Booleans on Solid Models
    • Creating Composite Models
    • Extracting Geometry from Solid Models
    • Getting Information from 3D Objects
  3. Editing Models
    • Adding Detail to Your Solid Models
    • Editing Solid Models
    • Manipulating the Model
    • Duplicating the Model
    • Converting 2D Objetcs
    • Besic Mesh Modeling
  1. Sectioning a Model and Creating Drawings
    • Sectioning a Solid Model and Generating 2D Geometry
    • Creating Drawings from 3D Models
  2. Visualization
    • Using Visual Styles
    • Using Lights
    • Using Materials
    • Using the Sun
    • Rendering
    • Navigating the Model
    • Leveraging Cameras and Views
  3. Downstream Uses for Your Digital Prototype
    • 3D Printing
  1. You can enrol this course by our online system, or call (852) 3605 3322 for reservation.

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