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CEF Course Code: 22L02125-9
CEF Institution Code: 548
Welkin Course Code: C3D

Autodesk Authorised Training Centre

CHAOSGROUP Authorised Training Centre (V-Ray)

Course Features

The course is designed for those who have a basic knowledge in graphic design and want to advance their skills in 3D modeling and design techniques. 3ds Max, an industry standard CGI software, provides powerful, integrated 3D modelling, animation and rendering capabilities. It is widely used in engineering, product design, architecture, film and animation fields.

  • Learn key 3D skills through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises
  • Acquire practical techniques, tips and tricks in modelling, animating and mapping objects
By the end of the course, you will be able to produce professionally executed 3D graphics and animations using Autodesk 3ds Max. In addition to the course diploma, students will receive a certificate endorsed by Autodesk after satisfying attendance and assignment requirements.
  • Autodesk Certified Instructor
  • Autodesk Official Course Certificate
  • Daytime, evening, weekend classes available with Chinese and English instruction language options

Learn from the Experts

Get Professional Recognition

Certify your 3D skills with Autodesk 3ds Max Professional Certification. The certification is not a requirement for course completion but we highly recommend you to get your skills professionally recognized.
Remark: The course fee does not include the certification exam.

Further Study

After completing this course you may further develop your knowledge and skills in 3D animation design with the CEF reimbursable course CG Animation and Visualization with 3ds Max.

Course Fee


*after maximum 80% fee reimbursement from CEF. Full course fee is $7500.

This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under Continuing Education Fund
The Office of the Continuing Education Fund does not have record of registration of this course under the Qualifications Framework

Am I eligible for CEF subsidy?

Course Duration

48 Hours

Course Prerequisites

Course participants should be at least 18 years old and have an education level of Form 5 or above. They should also understand basic computer operations and have basic concepts of space and form. Previous knowledge of 3ds max or other 3D animation software is not required.

Title of Award & Assessment Methods

Students are required to complete and pass an assignment. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate for the course.

Schedule & Online Enrolment

You will pay the course fee ($7,500) by default option. If you choose to pay by monthly installment, please use “Pay when visit Welkin” while checkout. CEF reimburse application (if any) will proceed once the course completed.
Sign up for your course by clicking the “Enrol” button, then proceed to checkout to finish course registration.

Diploma in 3D Animation Design with Autodesk 3ds Max (Code: 22L02125-9)
Course No. 課程編號Info. 語言/系統/地點Start 開課日End 完課日Day(s) 上課日Time 上課時段Duration 課程長度Course Fee 全期學費Enrol 報名
C3DB-6D69KCantonese / PC / MongKok06/0625/07SAT1000-1300;1400-170048 hours/ 16 sessions20200606$7,500


C3DC-13C89KCantonese / PC / MongKok29/0624/08MON,WED1900-220048 hours/ 16 sessions20200629$7,500


C3DD-7A68KCantonese / PC / MongKok05/0718/10SUN1000-130048 hours/ 16 sessions20200705$7,500


C3DB-31D17KCantonese / PC / MongKok08/0703/08WED,MON0945-1245;1400-170048 hours/ 16 sessions20200708$7,500


C3DB-6D49KCantonese / PC / MongKok11/0729/08SAT1000-1300;1400-170048 hours/ 16 sessions20200711$7,500


C3DC-52C55KCantonese / PC / MongKok14/0809/10FRI,TUE1900-220048 hours/ 16 sessions20200814$7,500


C3DD-7A69KCantonese / PC / MongKok06/0920/12SUN1000-130048 hours/ 16 sessions20200906$7,500


C3DB-06A11KCantonese / PC / MongKok04/0722/08SAT1000-1300;1400-170048 hours/ 16 sessions20200704$7,500


C3DD-06B69KCantonese / PC / MongKok15/0819/12SAT1400-170048 hours/ 16 sessions20200815$7,500


C3DB-24D08KCantonese / PC / MongKok08/0915/10TUE,THU,MON0945-1245;1400-170048 hours/ 16 sessions20200908$7,500


3D animation talents are much sought after in the job market, as 3D technology is now applied widely to a multitude of industries including entertainment, architecture, industrial design, marketing and education.
3ds Max is a powerful creativity tool for designers. It creates digital effects that make objects, light, and space look amazingly real and attractive. 3D animation experts are indispensable contributors in computer game design and of special effects in movies. 3D virtualization has opened up new horizons for visual creativity by making impossibles become possible, and turning concepts into visual reality.
This course provides participants with both theory and hands-on practice on 3D graphic and animation design based on the highly acclaimed Autodesk official learning framework and Autodesk 3ds Max software.
The course is designed for those who have basic knowledge in graphic design and want to advance their skills in 3D modeling and design techniques. Upon course completion, participants will be able to produce professionally executed 3D graphics and animation using Autodesk 3ds Max. In addition to the course diploma, students will receive a certificate endorsed by Autodesk after satisfying attendance and assignment requirements.

Module I: Basic 3D Graphic Design and Modeling (12 hours)

  • Concept in 3D graphic design and modeling
  • Creating objects
    • Creating Mesh Objects
    • Creating Shape Splines
  • Viewport Navigation and Display
  • Object Selection and Display
  • Modifying Objects
    • Transform tools
    • Using Modifie

Module II: Advanced Modeling Techniques and 3D Animation (36 hours)

  • Animation
  • Editing Meshes
  • Editing Shapes
  • Compound Objects
  • Working with Lights
    • Illuminating Scenes
    • Creating Lights and Shadows
  • Working with Cameras
    • Viewing Scenes
    • Creating Cameras
  • Creating Materials
    • Using Material Editor
    • Creating Standard Materials
    • Creating Compound Materials
  • Rendering
    • Rendering Scenes
    • Rendering Effects
  1. Proceed with on-line registration or send the completed enrolment form (download) to us together with a cheque (made payable to Welkin Compuer Training) for the program fee.
  2. CEF applicants have to complete the CEF Application Form (download) and send it to us for certification. They will then send the form to The Office of the Continuing Education Fund, Units 07-11, 25/F., CDW Building, 388 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories. Together with a photocopy of their HKID Card before course commencement. Applicants may also place their applications in the drop-in box on 12/F., Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices.

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