Microsoft Excel Macro Programming with VBA

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VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is the built-in macro programming language in Microsoft Office applications. VBA in Excel can help automate the work of your spreadsheets and make available functions that are not usually found on Excel menus or toolbars. You may have been capable in dealing with Excel Functions, Charts, Pivot Tables, etc, but when it comes to routine tasks such as repetitive formatting or moving data, you will find your work tedious and inefficient. VBA solves the problem by allowing you to automate routine tasks the way you want it to, making your life easier and your work more productive.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel

Course Duration: 12 Hours

Course Price: $2,460

You will Learn

  • Using Macro recorder to create macros for task automation
  • Using VBA to control Workbooks, Worksheets, Ranges, and Cells
  • Learning the best practice of coding VBA programs
  • Creating custom formulas
  • Creating complex decision-making criteria to process data
  • Creating validation functions to ensure source data is correct
  • Using worksheet functions to simplify and empower your VBA programs
  • Handling a dynamic range based upon user input or data content
  • Processing records in dynamic size data tables
  • Using VBA to generate PivotTable reports automatically
  • Using user forms and controls to create customized software interface
  • Distribution issues such as Macro file types and security
  • Basic VBA program diagnostics techniques

Course Schedules / Enrol

Course Title Duration Fee Outline/Schedules/Enrol
Microsoft Excel 2013 Macro Programming with VBA 12 hours $2460 Outline Schedules/Enrol

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